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Ett paradis till högt pris

Axel Vikström went to Maldives in the beginning of September 2015 to do reporting on the Crisis for Democracy.


"In the fall of 2015 I was granted the South Asian Student Association's travel grant and spent two weeks in the Maldives reporting on the democracy crisis, decreasing religous intolerance and the increasing attacks on independent media. During these weeks I met several politicians, journalists, bloggers and other people engaged in the pro-democracy movement, including feminist lawyers and NGO-employers.

In Scandinavia, Maldives is usually portrayed as a paradise on earth, so my goal was to show everything that the tourists don't see when they are isolated on the luxurious hotel islands. Besides writing a longer piece for a reportage course at the Bachelor's program in Journalism at Lund university, three of my articles where published in both Swedish and Finnish newspapers. I am most thankful for SASA's grant, without it I would never have afforded my so far most thrilling and challenging adventure."

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