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Sweden–South Asia Media Project

The Sweden-South Asia Media Project is focused on building relations between media researchers and journalists in South Asia and Sweden. The project is carried out by the Swedish South Asian Studies Network (SASNET) in collaboration with the School of Journalism.



The Sweden-South Asia Media Project aims to study and report on the growing digital media landscape in South Asia and link these results together with the development of the Swedish media landscape.


  • To create a forum for exchange of ideas, perspectives and future outlooks on the South Asian and Swedish media landscape
  • To build up a network of South Asian and Swedish media researchers and journalists to discuss and exchange ideas about work methods, trends within the media industry and business models.
  • To explore the impact of digital media on people in different contexts
  • To highlight benefits, challenges and backsides of the media development
  • To find new ways of collaboration in researchfieldwork and journalism
  • To provide insights on how mutual challenges can be treated
  • To highlight ethical perspectives in the study of the media landscape
  • To work in a transparent environment with partners all around the globe

Areas of special interest:

  • Journalist’s working condition
  • Political influence on media
  • Online ethics
  • Gender in Media
  • Innovation in Media

The project coordinator is Andreas Mattsson, program director School of Journalism.