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School of Journalism launches Summer Course in Journalism

Summer course 2020

The demand for journalism and communication is especially apparent during times of crisis. This summer, School of Journalism at Lund University launches a new summer course for everyone interested in discussing and producing content characterized by credibility, and quality by applying journalistic tools and media ethics.

With our new course, Journalistic tools and media ethics: Online opportunities and risks in times of crisis, we reach out to both professionals and students in Sweden and other countries.

– The participants will use journalistic tools to produce trustworthy and relevant content. We will also address media ethics and source criticism to tackle myths and rumours, says Ola Isaksson, Course coordinator and University lecturer at the School of Journalism.

During the five weeks long course (7,5 ECTS), the participants will take part in lectures from teachers at the School of Journalism and other media professionals. The participants will also get training in how to produce editorial content, such as pictures and text.

The new course is part of the ongoing strategic development of the School of Journalism at Lund University.

– We observe how the interest in journalism, fact-checking, and media ethics is growing in different parts of society. The ongoing pandemic and the climate crisis have made this especially clear. We are very much looking forward to offering a course to reach out further, says Andreas Mattsson, program director, School of Journalism.

FACTS/How to apply: 

The course Journalistic tools and media ethics – challenges and risk in times of crisis starts June 8, 2020.